StyleCracker is thrilled to present another addition to the talent treasure trove of the Pune Borough, the proud winner of our most coveted #SCScholarship. Her label is synonymous with all things elegant, minimal and luxurious – a sheer reflection of her personal style. Here’s what she’ll bring to the Borough and what is in store for you crazy shoppers out there. Give it up for Priyanjoli Basu!

So, how does it feel to win the SC Scholarship?
I am very happy and grateful to the team at StyleCracker for this opportunity, and my friends who tagged me. So excited to be a part of the Borough!

Can you tell us a little about ‘Priyanjoli’ the brand? 
We strongly believe in the beauty of handmade. Our focus is on woven textiles with minimalistic and contemporary aesthetics – giving way to a global design.


Who is the ideal ‘Priyanjoli’ woman?
Independent women who believe real luxury lies in the exclusivity of handcrafted products that are high in quality and aren’t mass-produced.


Give us a sneak-peak into what we can expect from ‘Priyanjoli’ at the SC Borough Pune?
My current work seeks to bridge the gap between our rich textile heritage and the constant evolution of contemporary fashion. There will be a lot of hand-woven scarves, skirts and dresses for spring/summer 2015. We have also used a lot of khadi and cotton along with ikat for this collection.


When would you say you are at your most creative? 
I am nocturnal so I work best at night when its quiet and I don’t get distracted by the production and technical part of my brand.

How would you describe your personal style? 
I am a traveller so I am always wearing comfortable clothes. My style is simple yet not quotidian, understated but still making a statement.


If your brand were a zodiac sign…which one would it be?



Check out Priyanjoli Basu’s spring/summer 2015 collection at the StyleCracker Borough Pune on 1st March, 2015!