Secrets you don’t know until you’re the bride

Psstt… We’re spilling the beans.

The cards have been printed, the endless hours of shopping have begun and you are in 100% bride(zilla) mode. We’ve all heard about the nerves, the excitement, the adrenaline and what we’ve made our assumptions about what the the months leading up to the big day will be like. But here is what really goes down when you are the bride, straight from the horse’s mouth.

He’s popped the question and you are suddenly taken over by the urge to moisturise. ESPECIALLY your hands, in anticipation of all the photos you’re going to inevitably take.


You catch yourself, more than just a few times, practicing your smile (read: the perfect smile and angle) in the mirror. We’re not judging. Ok, maybe a little bit.


You realise, and are horrified by, how bad (read: rarely ever good) your fiancé and your dancing skills are. Where are all those party skills now?


You’re pulling out your camera, EVERYWHERE. No, we do not mean to take selfies but instead, to photograph any and every potential decor and design idea. Yes, you will be eating, breathing and sleeping – shaadi prep.


No matter how many many lehenga trials you’ve been for, you will never truly know just how heavy it actually is.


We’re all comfortable strutting around in our 6-inch stilettos, but every bride guarantees that you will feel like you’re going to take an extremely embarrassing toss. Don’t worry, this doesn’t happen.


Yes, it’s stressful. Yes, you’re nervous. Yes, there are a zillion thoughts per minute. But, no matter what goes down, it is your day, and you are going to look fabulous – it’s only the truth.