Signs that you’re a certified foodie!

When you love food more than people!

If there existed a certificate for being an absolute food lover, my living room wall would be nailed with a certificate collection. Think you (too) qualify as a professional foodie? Then give a nod to every sign below!

1. You’re lost in your thoughts, staring aimlessly nowhere and people assume you’re planning your retirement plan. But, really, you’re just planning your next meal!

2. When someone asks about your day and you only speak about your meals and the quantity you ate in, all in detail.

3. You’ve stopped hanging out with some people because they don’t understand your ‘I-don’t-share-my-food’ policy and happened to pry into your beloved food territory.

4. You’ve left several parties only because they had no food!

5. You’ve broken up with yours truly, because he/she didn’t stop the car at the sight of some delicious food.

6. Food for you is food, you’re not fussy about it. You never complain about the taste/texture of your food because food in general holds a special house in your heart. Except, of course when the food is less!

7. Your ideal date is someone who brings to you a 10 boxes of pizza and a mountain of cupcakes and then..leaves you alone with them.

8. Your weekend getaways revolve more around the food and less around the trip. ‘Cause why not?

9. The only time you cry like a baby is when you see no sight of food and start to wonder if this is living hell!

10. You eat when you’re hungry, happy, sad, bored, confused. You don’t eat to live, you live to eat!