Skinny ties are OVER, and here’s what to wear next..

Too bad for you, Hipster.

This might sound uncanny or contrary to your style thoughts, but the necktie closet deserves a massive shift. Wider, the better (and no pun intended) is the way forward! Increase the width by 1/4th the current and invest in ones as wide as 3 to 3¼ inches. Wear with softened collars and suits that let you breathe (skinny suits are out, sir).

However, early-adopter, it’s a battle to fight within.


Man 1: Skinny neckties don’t work for formal occasions, wider ties are my preferred choice.

Man 2: I’m so manly, I look so bulky, so of course I’d only wear wider ties.

Man 3:  Skinny ties are so boyish, I love that.

Forget not, body structures and shoulder lines play pivotal in defining what suits you. It could be the ‘trend of the season’ and being epitomised by the world’s biggest designers; but if it doesn’t suit you, you rather opt out. Fight the inner battle- choose between trends and flattering the body and trust yourself to make a wise decision.

And as always, there’s nothing to worry about too.


The trend’s a result of changing proportions, so trust the tailoring to balance it out. Turn to how the Italians do and you’d exude a relaxed air sans looking uptight. Skinny suits won’t go with wide ties, so hold it there and restrain yourself. Incentive enough, since wider ties look more masculine, powerful and give you a permanent place amidst the fashion-forward individuals- turn them into a man-caddy essentail.

But, what’s the best width?


Though the mainstream ties of 3-3 1/4th are selling best as of today, the 2 1/2 inches is a safe bet. With lapels resembling more classic shapes as opposed to the usual freshly-sharpened pieces, it’s about natural for the ties to get wider and not look like stick-thin croquis anymore! Don’t stress, simply embrace to impress.



GQ India, Working Closet