Skip The Suds, Here Are The Quick Fixes For 3rd Day Hair!

Bad hair day is something we’ve all battled with, and failed miserably too. Most often than not, it happens through no fault of our own. We can’t wash and blow-dry our hair everyday as it’s time consuming and damaging.

Other times, we’re just plain lazy and don’t feel like washing our hair on even the third day! Hence the term – 3rd day hair.

Putting up 3rd day hair in a messy bun is all well and good, but it’s so done and boring! 3rd day hair are slightly oily and (when brushed thoroughly) there tend to be no frizz or fly-aways, thus making them quite suitable for a little fun experimentation!

Back-comb your hair slightly at the crown to increase volume. If you favour side-partings, go for an extreme side parting when you’ve not washed your hair for three days – it gives an increased volume and bounce to your hair.


Braids are the way to go on 3rd days! You can go crazy with all kinds of braids – regular three strands, Dutch, French, rope, waterfall and fishtail, as your hair will have the right kind of texture (not too silky). A braided headband works best for slightly greasy hair.


The trick is to not use any product as it will weigh your hair down, making it stick to your scalp and that’s not a desired look!

After tying your tresses in a pretty braid, lightly pull out the hair (as if you were pulling pieces of hair out of the braid, without actually doing that). This will make your braid look wider and thicker. Tie a ribbon bow at the end of your braid and you’re all set.


Braided buns and ponytails are also cool options for when you have unwashed hair. Amp these up a notch with bright, funky headbands.

Finally, give dry shampoos a try if you quite often tend to leave your hair unwashed. They’re great life-savers when it comes to lifting up oily, sticky hair.

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