Slimming style secrets

Forget your yo-yo diets and your gym, we’re giving you some easy slimming secrets that don’t require dead-lifts or chia seeds – start taking notes!

Monochrome magic


One of the most tried and tested secrets of the industry – going head-to-toe in the same hue is the best way to lengthen the body. The eye only moves up to down, seeing one shape, helping create a slim silhouette!



Monochrome doesn’t just mean heading towards boring blacks and whites, expand your palette with daring pops of colour.



We recommend opting for pant-suits and printed twin sets to try this trend in a fun way – small prints help, your eye goes to look at the pattern in the print before the overall body.

Align your A-lines


Nipped at the waist and full at the hips – the A-line flare accentuates the waist and tends to be really flattering on fuller figures.


Pear shapes, this silhouette is your best friend! Just be sure to have the skirt end just above the knee to help hide what you want to.

Cinch in a pinch!



If you’re anything like us and crave a tall hourglass posterior, cinching your waist is probably the best antidote for you. You want something that’s going to create the illusion of small and wide, when you cinch your natural waistline, it gives the illusion of a smaller waist.


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Make like a pro stylist and experiment with this trend by nipping blouses in heavier fabrics that reach your hip, helping create a peplum-esque shape naturally, or simply break-up a monochrome outfit with a punch of colour on your belt.

Elongated layers


Ah, layering, doesn’t the word just give you an itch every time you hear it? Well, it shouldn’t, because there a slew of lightweight options available out there – from long kimonos to sleeveless blazers and floor-length sheer jackets.


Chandni Sareen, stylist Photo: Pop Xo
Chandni Sareen, stylist
Photo: Pop Xo
Stylist Chandni Sareen knows a thing or two about long layers! Photo:
Stylist Chandni Sareen knows a thing or two about long layers!

A long layer slyly camouflages your widest parts helping you look taller and thinner.

P.S. It also gives you a really cool don’t-give-a-damn, high fashion touch!

That’s a wrap!


Wrap silhouettes do a great job at accentuating the middle in a way to make the waist look smaller. Simply ensure that your dress is the right size and the fabric is high quality to avoid showing any lumps and bumps.



Draped wrap tops are great as well – it visually nips the waist and falls flatteringly well across the hips.

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