Get Soft and Smooth Lips

We all want soft, supple – kissable – lips; but most of the time we end up with dry and chappy lips. This can be due to our lifestyle habits, due to the sun or even due to smoking. But, worry not as you can get soft and pink lips sitting at home, using some homemade remedies.

Olive oil


As olive oil is rich in vitamin E and gives moisture which would make lips soft and svelte. Apply it daily before going to bed and you will notice a change in colour in a few days.

Toothbrush exfoliation


Just like every other part of our body every other part of our body, even our lips need exfoliation. We need to get rid of the dead skin, so take your toothbrush and gently rub it along your lips in circular motions – again, only gently – you don’t want to hurt your lips. Do it twice a week. It increases blood flow and would give you healthy, pink lips.

Sugar scrub


Again, brown sugar mixed with honey would make a fantastic exfoliator for your lips. Mix it with coconut oil or honey and rub the scrub along your lips; softly though so that the sugar crystal don’t hurt your lips. On regular use your lips would start to lighten and would feel suppler.

Milk and rose cream


Milk cream is known to moisturise lips and lighten the colour of the lips, add some rose petals in it and let it cool in the refrigerator for twenty minutes, go on to add a bit of honey and glycerin as they also have moisturizing agents to make a paste out of it. Go on to rub the paste on your lips and wash it with milk. It would give you a lovely aroma and kissable lips.

Beetroot slices


We all know that beetroot is great for our blood, and often times than not we were forced by our mothers to gulp down that beetroot and carrot juice. But, what we didn’t know was that it works wonders in lightening the tan from your lips and also adds a natural pink taint to the. So, take some beetroot slices and gently massage on your lips and wait for the magic to unfold.