Sometimes, All You Need Is a “Pick Me Up”!

When we’re at an all time low and not even funny cat videos are enough to cheer us up, the situation calls for drastic measures. And those drastic measures come in the form of “comfort food” and our favorite movies! Two hours of absolute and utter relaxation (a break from reality, that is!) are all we need to recharge. 

Team StyleCracker is no different. Here’s a list of our favorite comfort food and movie combos that get us going on the most insane of days!

Confessions of a Shopaholic + a huge tub of chocolate ice-cream does the trick for Fashion Intern, Nikita.


Dirty Dancing + crispy chicken wings from KFC are enough to get Fashion Blogger Vrinda out of any depressing pit!


Bridget Jones Diary + a nice big helping of dry chilli chicken is all Stylist Rituja needs to set her mood right.


Dil Chahta Hai + chocolate chip cookies on a regular basis keep Graphic Designer Ankur upbeat.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s + peanut butter & nutella sandwiches are a few of Stylist Prachiti’s absolute favorite things in the world!


Devil Wears Prada + potato crisps is the comfort combo of choice for Fashion Intern Dhanashri.


Safe Haven + butter popcorn are what Fashion Coordinator Namrata needs to unwind.

Mean Girls + Maggie is the ultimate comfort combo for Stylist Tanmayi!


Birdcage + Maggie totally does it for Stylist Kavisa.

The Notebook + Creamy Chicken Soup is all Graphic Designer Adel needs to relax after crazy work days!


Drop a comment below and tell us what your favorite comfort combo is!