Let Sonam Kapoor Show You 5 Ways To Rock A White Shirt

It’s safe to say that the white shirt can’t be called basic any more. Yes you could take a regular white shirt and wear it in an infinite number of ways, but if you’re Sonam Kapoor, ‘regular’ just won’t cut it. Lately, Mrs. Kapoor Ahuja has been spotted in the closet staple quite often; these shirts however are anything but ordinary. The white shirt seems to have upped it’s game and is now the epitome of style, classy and highly au courant.

See how Sonam Kapoor wears hers:

This is possibly the most basic white shirt she’s worn but it’s with a sari, so of course our minds have been blown. Every once in a while, it’s important to step out of your comfort zone and look at things in your wardrobe a bit differently – like Sonam’s denim sari + shirt combo.

There are exaggerated sleeves and then there’s this! Step away from the ordinary and get a shirt that will make everyone look twice when you walk by.

Seems like Sonam has a thing for big sleeves but the shirt (or shirt dress?) isn’t the only thing bringing her look together. It’s a combination of the round sunnies and red lips too!

When you find a shirt that’s formal and edgy enough, you could wear it with a plain pair of jeans or even shorts and it will take your look to the next level. Case in point…

And finally, a little DIY won’t hurt. Get your basic shirt and add on some floral patches and embroidery – a new shirt is born!

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