Sonam Kapoor’s eyeliner isn’t your usual eyeliner..

All that glitters isn’t always gold, if looked closely- it could be Sonam Kapoor too.

A few weddings are remaining and you’re hustling for the perfect outfit. BUT, hustle not. ‘Cause your eyes are going to matter more than your outfit right now! Just like Namrata Soni’s recent upload on Instagram, featuring Sonam Kapoor with a glitter eyeliner- the models walking the catwalk at Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi switched to sparkle on the eyes. Here, Ms. Kapoor in F/W’s unexpected new trend to watch!

BEST WAY TO EMBRACE THE TREND: Combine black eyeliner with glitter!

HOW TO: Apply a liquid liner gently over the eyes and end it sharp, achieving the perfect cat eye. Now, hold the glitter eyeliner firm and run it right above the liquid liner, creating a magical blend. How about running it over the liner instead? Give both ways a try!


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