Spec-Tacular: How to Find the Right Shades for Your Face Shape

We all have our must have accessories that we just cannot do without. Here is the accessory every girl needs to take on the summer sun. This is our guide to finding the perfect pair of sunnies to suit your face shape.


Long/ Oblong Shaped

This face shape is characterised by a narrow chin and cheek structure.

Round glasses suit this face shape the best, giving the face a fuller, more complete look.


Square Shaped

A square shaped face has a broad forehead and a square jawline.

The perfect pair of glasses for this face shape is a cat-eye frame, as it gives a sleek, feminine

edge to the face.


Heart Shaped

Characterised by a wider forehead, high cheekbones and a narrow chin, we have the heart shaped face.

The ideal pair for this shape would be the classic aviator style shades.


Round Shaped

A round face has full cheeks with a narrow forehead and jaw.

The pair that looks just right on this face has a wide, rectangular frame, like a pair of wayfarers.


Oval Shaped

This face shape has a proportionate forehead, cheekbones and jaw.

The perfect pair of shades for this shape would be top heavy framed glasses, or glasses with a bowline frame.



IMAGE COURTESY: glamafrica; pinterest; thenewyorktimes; zelect; moneyinthebananastand; sunglasses.la



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