Spotlight: Seventeen05

To kisckstart our countdown to StyleCracker Borough Pune we bring to you home-grown clothing label Seventeen05. Here’s a quick look at the brand, the designer and why it’s the coolest new Indian prêt label to have in your wardrobe.

Label: Seventeen05

Owned by: Roxan Irani (designer) and Mehernosh Captian (Business Head)


When did you start experimenting with design?
Roxan Irani:
“It all began back when I was in school. I was crazy about Archie comics, more then reading the book, I use to trace outlines of Betty and Veronica and

then sketch different outfits on them. My elder sister and aunt really took interest

into my drawings and also got few dresses made for themselves.”


Tell us a little bit about your educational background and previous work experience.

RI: “After studying Fashion and Textile for four years in Mumbai, I started my career

with Rock S. I was involved in everything from bridal collection to the prêt line,

fashion shows and Bollywood styling – so these four years were a great beginning. Following which I worked in retail at Shoppers Stop for three years, where I learnt the financial aspect of the industry. I also studied interior design school at Chelsea, UK. After which I worked at Talati & Panthaky. But my love for fashion continued, and that’s when I decided I had to be brave and follow my dream.”


What are your designs about?

RI: “Silhouettes are minimal and easy to wear but with a hint of detailing. The major play comes from my prints.”


What sort of elements do you like working with? 

RI: “Block prints and their placements. I design my own block patterns in different sizes and play them on the garment with use of different colours and technique. My garments are cut as per the pattern before they go on to the printing table. Then I work on the placements and try new techniques to print the wooden blocks with. I have used threads, crushed paper, sponge and also multiple colors on a single ink tray.”


How do you combine unusual elements and motifs to make your pieces stand


RI: “I wanted to create motifs that have a meaning in them. Something I could understand and relate to. Like a form of story telling. For example a ladybug deciding to wonder off, in a sea of arrows a heart stands out, a row of tidy bows where one decides to unwind.”


Where all do you draw inspirations from? 

RI: “One of my key inspirations came when I was working at Talati & Panthaky. As I was doodling, I came across this interesting pattern, I drew a window

architrave and sketched a silhouette of the Eiffel tower through it, (like a view

from the window). And thus materialized my concept of what I called ‘A Different
Perspective’. I started drawing patterns and adding elements that brought out a

story into it. My major inspiration comes from things I like to do and things that make me happy. Reading fashion and travel blogs, a hot cup of café mocha, a calm holiday by the beach, architecture, flea markets (specially Chor bazaar at Mohammad Ali

Road). The vibrant colours and textures really inspire the creative senses.”


A fashion icon or quote that inspires you?

RI: “I don’t do fashion, I am Fashion” Coco Chanel.


Where do you stock? 


RI: Mumbai: Creo, SOBO, Atossa; Pune: Affaire; Ludhiana: Curious Village