Street Style Inspiration That Will Give You Fresh #OOTDs For August

We have no idea where the most part of 2019 went but it’s already August and we’re here for it! Over the last few months, we brought you Styled By StyleCracker – a property where we showed you all the power your personal stylist possesses – no matter what the occasion, they can send you an outfit that fits. Becoming a member of the StyleCracker Box Club means looking stylish all year long and who doesn’t want that, right?

But just incase you haven’t subscribed yet, here are 31 street-style looks that will give you outfit inspiration for all of August – so you can mix, match and march through the month looking like your fabulous, StyleCracker best!

1. Animal prints are hot RN. More so when you’re in the mood to let out your inner beast!


2. Monotone makes you look taller and hella’ stylish.

Pic: Sarah Angius

3. Neon is having it’s moment in the spotlight. Even tho you feel like you ARE the spotlight when you’re wearing it.

Pic: Aayushi Bangur

4. The sky might be grey, but your #ootd doesn’t have to be. Take your full skirt to town and wear it with everything imaginable in your wardrobe.

Pic: Tanya Mehta

5. Remember that monotone we spoke about? It gets so much more elegant when it’s in a beige or neutral palette.

Pic: Shaleena Nathani

6. The only way to feel tropical is by dressing like it. This pineapple print shirt hits the jackpot.

Pic: Pepamack

7. Don’t save your statement trousers for a night out. Reuse and rework it in the day with a simple white tee.

Pic: Sheryl, walkinwonderland

8. Don’t have anything to wear? Steal from your boyfriend. While this might not necessarily be from Rhea’s BF’s closet, the silhouette is what we’re after!

Pic: Rhea Kapoor

9. Never take the power of denim and a black shirt for granted.

Pic: Akanksha Kamath

10. Oversized shirt – check. Tailored trousers – check. Stilettos – check. You have these in your wardrobe, put them together and you get this!

Pic: Masoom Minawala

11. Keep your kicks close and your denim jacket closer. What goes with it will look stylish no matter what it is.

Pic: Ritika Jolly

12. As you can see, we’re really digging those tropical vibes. If you’re daring enough, you can even take it to work.

Pic: Tanya Mehta

13. Sheer neon and sheer genius we say.

Pic: Shereen Sikka

14. PSA: A classic white shirt will never ever go out of style.

Pic: Pepamack

15. Bring back the pinafore! Make it cooler with your dad sneakers

Pic: Keerti Kataria

16. Leather isn’t ideal, but it’s oh-so-sexy!

Pic: Pepamack

17. The weather doesn’t allow for winter-wear, but if you’re mixing it up with ventilation, it’ll work!

Pic: Masoom Minawala

18. A statement denim jacket can keep you looking fly all day, everyday.

Pic: Alpa Rama

19. Give that ethnic do a shot. It’ll suit and surprise you for sure!

Pic: Natasha Luthra

20. Love pink? Own it!

Pic: Prerna Goel

21. Take your office trousers out on the town with your hottest crop top and gold jewels.

Pic: Pepamack

22. No matter what your outfit, keep that bling close by – it’ll up your game in an instant.

Pic: Suhani Parekh

23. Polka dots and slits make a winning combination

Pic: Shloka Narang

24. A floral suit? Now that’s gorgeous and groundbreaking!

Pic: Manushi Chhillar

25. Pick your favourite white shirt and pair it with your funkiest trousers – good for the office, even better for a catch-up with the girls.

Pic: Ashita Misquita

26. Rain got you down? How about some bright lavender to perk you up?

Pic: Joanna Huang

27. Bumps are beautiful and this three piece #ootd seems comfy and cool at the same time.

Pic: Talisa Sutton

28. White cut-offs, oversized shirt and a fanny pack – every Sunday should look like this.

Pic: Sakshi Mehra

29. Hot for the season: Double denim

Pic: Meagan Concessio

30. One word: WOW

Pic: Nicole Mehta

31. And finally, a little khaki action for the soul

Pic: Sarah Todd