Fashion shoot struggles you’d surely relate to

You’re a battle-tested warrior if you’ve survived a fashion shoot!

Click-clacks in the day leaving you dog-tired? Then you’re either a stylist or a fashion assistant on set. But for all you lesser mortals- know that its not all glitzy, it can sometimes monotonous and extremely grueling. Verse yourself here!

Lets just talk about this dreaded appliance first.


It’s a steam iron. But the question is, why does it even exist?

To remove creases off the endless clothes on set but to also do what everyone was born to do- ANNOY STYLISTS TO ANOTHER LEVEL.

“I can’t do this anymore.”


Because though there are only four shirts hanging out here, but in reality, there are HUNDREDS to steam iron.

Even this groundbreaking floral shirt.


How beautiful is the print? I wish I could just wear it myself, but again- you’ve just got to STEAM and leave!

And did we forget our favourite hand-held device- the hangers?


There are only three that you see. But believe me, we handle hundreds of them, and ALL AT ONCE.

Even these bags.


Just keep carrying them around, till they never end. (lets not even talking about their weight)

And for god’s sake, these accessories. Let’s not get started again.


Just WHY did they have to be so small. WHY. Why do they have to slither around, get lost and then nowhere to be seen?

Aah and then starts another struggle… of being answerable to brand XYZ who we sourced from.


“I have no answer, ma’am. Their size is to blame.”

By the way, do you know we sometimes have to turn photographers too? And shoot on our iPhones? (Half the bloggers and brands do this)


In the most awkward angles like these. *kill me already*

And with the number of angles and pictures I have to click for one single frame.


And by the way, not just of products- with even models in the frame.

So now guess what? You handle a phone, clothes, accessories and MODEL TANTRUMS TOO!!!



But just fortunately, there’s a flip-side too.

Of chocolates and on-set treats.


These are liquor chocolates, by the way.

Which help you make goofy faces, even when sober.


But you know what?

One of the best aspects of the struggle is the struggle in itself.

Because when the result looks as gorgeous as this..


Your life instantly falls together and your excitement knows no bounds!!

Relate to any of these?