Style Evolution: Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift started out with being the (mildly annoying) girl who got her heart broken and kept writing song after song about it. Her music was good, no doubt, but it did get a little monotonous after a while. As did her style, with all the puffy glittering dresses and the perfect noodle-like curls that she wore.

As years went by and her fans watched Taylor grow, both figuratively and literally, her style changed with her music. For the better. By the time her fourth album Red released in 2012, her style had dramatically altered. Gone were the prom dresses and silly curls, only to be replaced by chic and preppy outfits, killer bangs and a bold use of red everywhere.

And now, since she’s moved to New York City in 2014, Taylor Swift has become something of a “street style goddess”. She is clicked on a daily basis, as soon as she steps out her door, always in the chicest of outfits. Swift favours the more classic, sophisticated silhouettes, like high waist shorts and feminine pleated skirts. She loves wearing knee socks with heels, looking very prim and proper. Her accessory of choice seems to be a waist-cinching belt, as most her looks suggest.

Some have even dubbed her brand of style as “grandma chic”, but Swift proved them wrong when she stepped out, only last week, in a tiny polka dot crop top and midi skirt with front slit.

SC takes a look at this preppy fashionista’s style evolution from 2007 to the present.

The (shudder-inducing) princess-y phase in which sparkly prom dresses were a prominent feature. 


The “I-am-never-ever-ever-changing-my-hairstyle” phase during which Taylor sported too-perfect curls that resembled uncooked instant noodles. She looked cute, though and managed to pull it off.


The “Let’s experiment” phase during which Swift developed a style a little more sophisticated than before and even started sporting sleek, straight hair for some events.


The “Major Makeover” phase in 2012 when Swift completely altered her style. She (very wisely, we believe) ditched the girly dresses and curls and got utterly chic bangs, a vintage-inspired-yet-contemporary wardrobe with a lot of red.




The “New, Improved Taylor” phase which is still going on and making us love the ultra-stylish wardrobe that Swift now owns. All hail the Queen of Preppy Street Style!  

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Inside Info – SC stylists are totally digging the new cropped hair style that Taylor Swift is currently rocking!

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