Style Lessons From The Quirkiest OB/GYN On Our TV Screens

We’re all pumped up and super-excited because The Mindy Project comes back on September 16! While Season 2 ended on a happy note, it left us wanting for more, and now we can hardly wait for Season 3 to premiere, just a day from now.

The reason we love Dr. Mindy Lahiri so much is because she is relatable, believably flawed, awesomely sassy and adorably annoying. While being all these things (and a full-time romantic nerd), she also loves to step out in style! She could totally be a stylist on the side, and we’re pretty sure she’d kick ass at it too.

While trying to contain our excitement for the upcoming new season, SC rounded up Mindy’s best looks so far on the show to reminisce, and we decoded her style for you to draw inspiration from.

Mindy’s style is what we would call “urban hipster”, with insane amount of prints and tone on tone layering. Also, Dr. L is especially fond of bright colors.


No one can mix prints like Mindy! She loves her prints to clash and layers all kinds of different prints together for one outfit. She also often likes to wear entire outfits of a single color palette.


Dr. Lahiri misses no chance to glam up her look. In her own words, she’s “32 in doctor years but 22 in club years!” She’s all about the sequins and can pull it off quite well.




Her workout clothes are rather chic too. She sure does love her “Fat Steps” sneakers.


Mindy looks cool even lounging around the house in baggy sweats and oversized sweaters.


Sweater vests and bodycon dresses are her thing. We love how she constantly denies being chubby, choosing to call herself a “dainty woman”!

“I weigh nothing! I’m like a cloud!” – Mindy Lahiri

The Mindy Project - Season 1


She loves adding an edge to her outfits by pairing ultra-girly dresses with leather jackets or formal blazers.


Although Mindy has worn some really nice outfits throughout the last two seasons, our favorites are the one where she decided to play quirky and matched her houndstooth…


… and the one where she wore a baseball tee with a sequined pencil skirt, not to mention some very chic jewelry to go with it!


Seriously, can’t wait for the return of our favourite “woman of color”!