Style Lovin’: Jessica Day

Zoey Deschanel’s Jessica Day is the quirkiest, bubbliest, weirdest school teacher we have ever seen. She also has the cutest style when it comes to fashion. Jess’s style is, essentially, Taylor Swift’s preppy meets Carrie Bradshaw’s girly. And with Season 4 of New Girl hitting the Indian TV today (Star World Premiere tonite, y’all!), SC has compiled a list of the best looks that Jess has worked in the last three seasons. 

Jess dresses to reflect her personality – all happy pastel colors and cutesy vintage dresses. 

new-girl-yellow-striped-shirtdress-black-bow-beltShe loves her prints – nothing too bold or psychedelic – but if it’s small to medium size repeats, she can work it.


Miss Day knows the art of rocking a cardigan (without looking like a granny!). Cute cardigans over cuter dresses make up more than half of her wardrobe.


But that certainly doesn’t mean that she can’t rock shorts too! Taking a cue from our favourite street style person, Taylor Swift, Jess occasionally pairs her form-fitting sweaters with super chic shorts. And of course the look isn’t complete without some pantyhose!

FLYNET - Zooey Deschanel On The Set Of 'New Girl'

She can even pull off monochrome outfits with equal aplomb! 


Jess loves to wear flats and we love her for it! Unlike our other favourite New York based heroines, Jess is of the opinion that high heels everyday are ridiculous and highly impractical (seriously, Carrie, how did you do that?). 

We just can’t get over the overall cuteness of this outfit – pastels, cardi, lace dress and ballet flats!


And when she does wear heels, its to add a splash of color to a monochromatic outfit! Did we mention Jess completely owns the flared skirts? Well, she does. 


Once every few episodes, she decides to break monotony of endless vintage dresses and puts on something that takes us by surprise. Like this winning striped romper!


And this lacy LBD!


We can’t wait to see more of her quirky-cute style through Season 4!