Style on a Budget: Tips and Tricks

Just because your bank account statement has more charges from the likes of Shopper’s Stop and Globus than luxury designer labels, it doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to suffer. Just follow SC’s oh-so-sneaky tips on maintaining an expensive looking closet without actually blowing big bucks! For example, do you know which type of pumps look the most expensive (but aren’t in reality)? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Dressing well doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune. It’s about combining old-school know-how with the realization that there are now more affordable style-centric stores than ever.

1. It’s hard to do quality embellishment inexpensively, so opt for a simple bag without too much hardware.


2. You’ve heard the old saying about how we wear only 20% of the items in our closets 80% of the time. So what can you do with all those clothes that you never wear? Use some imagination and look at what can be turned into something new – you’d be surprised how much you can alter with a simple DIY and get a completely different garment that you’ll love to wear.


3. Scour the flea markets in your city! We can’t recommend them enough – especially for finding great bargain buys for the season. Export surplus markets and street markets like Sarojini Nagar in New Delhi or Linking Road, Bandra in Mumbai are the places to go if you want to stumble upon delightfully crazy deals! And if you know where to dig, you’ll find some great stuff there too.


4. Lower-priced pumps look more posh in faux suede than in faux leather.


5. Keep fabric in mind. Tweed, cotton, and linen often look expensive, even if they’re not.


6. Engage a tailor. Sure it’s more money up front, but a piece that is custom fit to your body will always look more expensive.


7. Coddle your footwear. Even if your heels are inexpensive, take them to a cobbler for a cleaning and to get heel caps replaced every once in a while. Nothing looks worse than worn-down shoes.


8. Step up your accessories game. A cool statement piece can amp up a plain inexpensive outfit to several degrees!


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