StyleCracker Borough presents ’10 Phrases Every Pune-ite can relate to!’

Text: Anu Verma

Pune is a city that is young and charming is known for its diverse and vibrant residents. While in most cities, a quarter of your life works on a speedometer, Pune-ites enjoy a laid back yet fun loving lifestyle. We have our own way of looking at life and that comes with some very typical lingo and sayings. If you’re a Pune-ites, we bet you will be able to relate to these!

“Dude let’s go pack some Marz-O-Rin chutney sandwiches for picnic yaa”

marzoin or banner
One of Pune’s oldest bakery, Marzorin and their chutney sandwiches make the best case for an impromptu get away.  Light on pocket as well as stomach, this plan never requires a second thought even!

“Let’s just chill at high tonight”

high spirits
We cannot speak enough of High Spirits, can we? Pune’s most popular hangout place is a part of an everyday slang almost. It’s the convenience of location and an easy approach on entry, coupled with engaging activities that keep us getting back to it, every single evening. 

“Let’s go eat sujata mastani bro”

Sujata Mastani
It’s not ice cream, its Mastani. A delicious blend of ice cream and a thick shake results as a Mastani. This one is a midnight favourite amongst our localities in Pune.

“Not possible tomorrow, Ganpati Visarjan”

ganpati visarjan 2
Pune localities, very well know that Ganpati Visarjan is not just a festival, but an event altogether. While all the roads are blocked with free spirited souls dancing their heart out, our lazy friends making use of the situation, find an easy way to ditch the plans, out of sheer laziness, of course!

“So broke, I’m gonna live on Vada Pav”

vada-pav or banner
Most popular amongst the student community, when all their pocket money is drained out, they can very well depend on appetizing vada pavs. Our friendly maushis even give us complimentary ones, talk about living in a friendly city!

“No, I didn’t graduate from Symbiosis”

Students from Pune attend other universities as well. Yes, there are never ending options to choose from like Fergusson, Wadias and many others. Hello people – life doesn’t end or start with Symbiosis.

“Cab? No I will just get my bike”

pune two wheelers
Pune is known as the highest stocker of two wheelers in India. Especially popular amongst girls, who are often mistaken for Ninjas, with their cool scarves draped all over their face!
So well, did you say, book a cab?

“I need those new Osho Chappals Man”

We can never get over them. With their comfortable and affordable quotient, also comes a new set of varied designs, every two weeks! Refreshing a footwear wardrobe never seemed easier.

“S.P.D.P please”

sev puri1
If you are new in the city, this might surprise you. S.P.D.P is Pune’s most loved evening snack, more commonly known as Sev Puri Dahi Puri. Pune-ites love to keep it short, literally. 

“Pune is the best city”

pune is the best city-1
That goes without saying. Pune-ites declare this fact, very proudly in front of every new entrant of the city. We have the best places to eat, chill and live, they firmly believe so and we wouldn’t differ in opinion either.

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