StyleCracker Borough Pune Presents: You know you’re a Pune girl when…

Text: Anu Verma

As a girl living in Pune, you are known to have a certain attitude and style. These are just some of the things that make lovely ladies of Pune unique!

Your handbag always has a scarf

Whether you’re riding a bike, sitting behind one or traveling in an auto or cab, you know you have to protect your skin and hair!

Two wheelers are your royal ride

two wheeler
You’re an independent girl and waiting to get a lift is so not your thing. Zooming away on a two-wheeler is a much required adrenalin rush.

Date night is always at High Spirits

After all ‘High’ is your second home.

‘Dude’ and ‘Ya’ is a part of your Grammar

dude and ya

Dude, are you serious? What ya, of course I am.”

Shorts are your wardrobe staple!


Dress in shorts to fit in to the chilled-out Pune vibe!

‘Cad B’ is your ultimate dessert


Even with the unlimited dessert options to choose from, a true-blue Pune girl will still crave her daily dose of good ole’ Cadbury!

Lonavala or Panchgani are your quickest getaways!


Every time you are bored of your city, these two hill stations become instant weekend plans.

‘Just Casuals’ proudly sits as 50% of your wardrobe

Just Casuals

As one of the oldest and most stylish stores in Pune, ‘Just Casuals’ is your favourite shopping stop.

You love Pune!


Even if you have to another city, you’ll always be a Pune-girl at heart!

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