How We’re Tackling Social Distancing

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Anushka and I’m currently the content editor and social media manager here at StyleCracker. While we’re all working from home these days, we’ve spent a lot of time evaluating the kind of content to serve and as we do this, we wanted to give you a glimpse into our #WFH life, as well as the lives of people in the StyleCracker tribe. The team voted and decided I should go first, so here’s a little insight into how I’m spending my days under lockdown…

What does your WFH schedule look like?

I’m still waking up early to finish my work schedule for the day. I’m up by about 8am and I’m working non-stop till about 11:30am. Post that I eat a little breakfast or brunch and then get dressed a bit because the afternoon is when all the Zoom meetings start. Once that’s done, I work out at home and if I’m cooking, I make dinner. Post dinner it’s back to regular programming of Netflix or a good book.

What do you land up wearing when you’re home all day?

I try not to stay in pjs all day. I’m either in shorts and a tank or joggers and a tee.

One style tip for when you’ve got a Zoom meeting

Of course you just need your top half to be presentable. But even if you have your hair in place and a bit of tinted lip balm, it’s enough to look “groomed” for being at home.

What are you currently watching?

Little Fires Everywhere on Hotstar and chick flicks that I’ve seen 20 times before for the 21st time 🙂

What does your household do for meals?

We alternate with my in-laws and my brother-in-law. Some days my husband and I cook and some days we just eat!

One Insta account you’re enjoying while self-isolation.

@TheBodyCoach, he has the cutest kids and posts home work outs too

One new thing you’ve tried while being home

Apart from doing the dusting and actually cleaning the bathroom and buying veggies, I drew a little. I’m not very good, and these drawings are DEFINITELY NOT for public viewing.

Stay tuned, we’ll be bringing you a peek into everyone’s new lifestyle and we’d love to hear from you while we do so! Tag us in your #WFHselfies, we’d love to repost.