What Sheefa Gilani’s At-Home Schedule Looks Like

Stylist to the stars and an influencer in her own right, Sheefa Gilani just got married. So it will be interesting to see how she’s spending time with her new family and really getting to know them while we’re all under lockdown. Here’s what she had to say about how she’s been spending her time these days…

1. What does your WFH schedule look like?

To be honest, it’s pretty chilled! I’m currently spending time on my 3-year plan, getting some sleep and taking a break. I recently got married a week before the lockdown. So, you could say I’m home-mooning.

2. What do you land up wearing when you’re home all day?

Sweats and hoodie or pjs!

3. One style tip for when you’ve got a Zoom meeting.

Put on that blazer!

4. What are you currently watching?

The Night Manager on Amazon Prime.

5. What does your household do for meals?

My husband always wanted to be a chef. He’s currently spending time feeding me some of his delicacies. He tries to make dishes that are multifunctional. Leftover Rosemary potatoes at dinner, will turn into a filling for the frankies at lunch the next day. We are trying to do our best in the current circumstances.

6. One Insta account you’re thoroughly enjoying while self-isolation.

The @wolfcubwolfcub is one of my current favourite accounts to follow.

7. One new thing you’ve tried while being home

I have a dog and I’ve never groomed him myself before! It’s challenging, but fun!