StyleCracker Style File: Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is one of the sexiest women on screen and apart from her acting skills, we are also big fans of her style mantra – which is to celebrate those curves and not hide them. Here are some lessons from this diva that you too can work in to your everyday look.

Lesson 1: Highlight the waist


How: With figure hugging corsets and cinched waist dresses and jumpsuits.

StyleCracker Solution: The clothes you wear should hug your curves and not fall off them. Opt for form-fitted dresses nipped at the waist with a statement belt. PS: Make wrap dresses your best friend.

Lesson 2: Choose lower necklines


How: Elongate your torso with sweetheart, scooped and V-shaped necklines.

StyleCracker Solution: Ditch boxy silhouettes for plunging necklines in order to create an illusion of a swan-like neck. This will also slim down your torso and draw attention to your face.

Lesson 3: Peplums for a perfect hourglass.


How: Structure and tailoring create the illusion of a slimmer frame by streamlining your proportions.

StyleCracker Solution: Opt for peplum tops with slim pants (not tight) and pencil skirts to create a tapered look that makes the hips look curvier and the waist tiny by comparison.

Lesson 4: Lengthen your calves


How: Despite her petite frame, Scarlett manages to look tall by sticking to high-waisted, just-above-the-knee-length options

StyleCracker Solution: Add inches to your height by wearing clothes just above your natural waist. Also remember to avoid dresses and skirts with hemlines that stops at the calves. Pencil skirts and A- line dresses are your best bet.

Lesson 5: Off-the-shoulder for perfect proportions


How: Show off your shoulders to appear slimmer and delicate.

StyleCracker Solution: Off-shoulder tops emphasize your widest part of the body and make your waist look smaller in comparison. Wear it with skirts which are slightly flared at the bottom or pencil skirts to play with your curves.