As the style setter turns 75 and also retires as CEO from a 50-year-old empire, we take this opportunity to take a walk down memory lane with Ralph Lauren’s most memorable contributions from 2015 to modern-day fashion.

#Wearable technology at its best
PoloTech Smart shirt  has woven silver fibers that track the heart rate, breathing, energy output and other vital data of the wearer and link it to their smart phone. What’s more? Through the PoloTech app, you are recommended personalized workouts! Move over Fitbits?

Trainers demonstrating the PoloTech app's fitness regiment.
#Bespoke tailoring for men and personal shopping for the ladies
Ralph Lauren’s recently inaugurated Palazzo in Milan is the ultimate luxury experience. And get this: It’s a private members club for the fashion house’s wealthiest customers only!


#Clean design, subtle textural play, adept craftsmanship
The Ralph Lauren’s Bugatti-inspired timepiece combines the super-sleek 1938 57SC Atlantic Coupé, with the rim of the dial being crafted from Amboyna Burl wood and the open-worked caliber movement  reminiscent of the engine. BTW: It’s one of the rarest cars in the world and Ralph Lauren owns one!

ralph lauren designs watch based on 1938 bugatti type 57SC atlantic coupe
#Ralph Lauren-Wimbledon Association
2015 also marks a decade of the longstanding Ralph Lauren-Wimbledon association. To commemorate this anniversary, Ralph Lauren came up with a special collection for tennis lovers comprising of blazers, collared dress shirts and jumpers. All the merchandise also carried their logo along with the tournament’s crossed-racquet signature.

wimb 12

#Auto-inspired collection
It’s the year of luxe cars at the RL HQ. The Ralph Lauren Automotive Eyewear,  Perforated leather (think driving gloves), lightweight aluminum (used in racing machines) and neat lines define this auto-inspired collection.

Ralph Lauren Aluminum Driving Sunglasses