StyleCracker’s Rakhi Special

It’s that time of the year again, when “friend-zoned” guys go MIA for a week to escape the purgatorial “Bhai-zone”! It’s also the only time when all of us take a breather from constant bickering and fighting with our siblings and take a moment (or a lot of fruitless moments, in fact) to think about potential gifts for the unbelievably irritating person you share your DNA with. The only day in the Indian calendar that celebrates the uniquely sweet-yet-caustic-at-the-same-time bond of a brother and sister is the festival of Raksha Bandhan. 

We’re all familiar with the long, dragging hours spent online searching for the perfect Rakhi gift for your lifelong partner-in-crime that yielded no results. And you can’t get away with buying them a mediocre (or totally sucky) present, because let’s face it, you do love them more than anyone else on the planet! You’ll never hear the end of it if they manage to get you a half-decent gift.

So, to make things easier for you, SC suggests a few options for the perfect Rakhi gifts for ‘him’ and ‘her’.

For ‘HER’.

Statement Accessories – Dare to venture here only if you have impeccable taste and are sure your sister will love it. We suggest Forever 21 India if you like the idea; they have some great statement pieces available online.



Bejeweled Elephant Pendant Necklace





Groovy Geo Bib Necklace

Gift Packs – These serve as a nice option that combine lot of cool stuff in one pretty package. We recommend The Body Shop (you can even create your own custom gift basket!).



Strawberry Bath & Body Gift Set

Gift Cards and Vouchers – These are genius lifesavers for the majority of us who’re not that great (read, utter imbeciles) when it comes to picking out gifts. Even choosing an appropriate gift card requires some level of thought! SC recommendation – – take some time to go through the site and find something that your sister would really like!


For ‘HIM’.

Video Games – Age is just a number with men when it comes to video games. We’ve yet to come across a guy who’s not into gaming. Just find out what kind of games your brother likes and voila! you have your gift. Just make sure he doesn’t already own the one that you’re about to buy. Follow the links below to see SC suggestions.

Batman: Arkham Origins for PS3

LEGO The Hobbit Videogame for PC


Tee Shirts – Graphic tees are cool and should be a part of every guy’s casual wardrobe. You can find a great selection of tee shirts for your brother at these websites.


Gift Cards and Vouchers – Whew! These things sure save us a lot of trouble. Buy your brother a gift card that fits your budget and his tastes at!

Or you can just tell him that you give your approval for his girlfriend and that you won’t tell Mom and Dad about the time when he sneaked out of the house in the middle of the night and came back at dawn!