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Shailesh Moolya

Hair care is an important part of every girl’s beauty regime and we at StyleCracker constantly aim at getting you quick and effective fashion and beauty solutions. Our stylist met up with Shailesh Moolya; Lakme Absolute Salon expert and National trainer –hair and got quick tips on how best to care for your hair!


1. What is the best way to prevent hair fall?

I am asked the question quite frequently. Most people stress over hair fall which is actually a natural process as hair has a growth cycle and needs to shed for new hair to grow. Excess hair fall however can be caused due to medical conditions or external factors. Stress, diet, smoking, lack of sleep or tying your hair too tight (retraction alopecia) are all external issues and can easily be corrected. For people who still want a solution I’d suggest the following treatment as it helps protect and strengthen your hair at the roots and in the process prolongs its growth span.

Treatment: Schwarzkopf hair fall serum treatment.

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(Do not try this at home. Please get it done by a professional)


2. Best damage control products?

Hair damage can be minimized by using the correct products along with a good diet. The most effective products for Indian hair given our weather are:


– Schwarzkopf Smooth and Shine shampoo and conditioner

– Morrocanoil

– Tigi Treat me right (pepper mint hair mask)

– Tigi After party (de-frizzer)


3. Best fix for dry hair, products and treatments?

Dry hair can be repaired with intense moisturizing products. Use the following products once a week and you will see a visible improvement in your hair texture.


– Schwarzkopf TRT range (total repair treatment)
– Moroccan intense hydrating mask

– L’oreal Mythic oil mask


Lakme Absolute hair spa provides the following services;

-Deep conditioning

-Renew indulgence

-Refresh indulgence

-Moister balancing spa

-Time restore protein treatment.

Lakme Absolute Bespoke at Lakmé Absolute Salon (personalised hair spa experience)
The premium Bespoke services at Lakmé Absolute Salon are designed to suit the needs of the contemporary Indian woman. Sit down and have a chat with our professionals who will advise and suggest the best beauty packages customized to your needs and lifestyle.


4. Your take on hair straightening?

Most people who want to go for hair straightening don’t know the correct process to follow. It is also a common belief that chemical is very bad foryour hair, while this is true it is not the complete truth. Any process that involves chemicals has its side effects hence it is always advisable to get it done from a professional. Hair straightening is a good option for women with extremely frizzy and curly hair and is a refreshing change to one’s look. There are various products that can be used to protect your hair after any straightening treatment to maintain your hair’s PH balance. Milk straightening is slightly better than chemical straightening. It is also important to note that any such treatment should be done in a gap of 6 months.
(multiple packages available at Lakme Absolute Salon)

Post care products:

-Tigi TRT range

-Tigi Diamond dream shampoo and conditioner

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