Stylist Speak – Hair Trends


SC Stylist met up with Shailesh Moolya. Lakme Absolute Salon expert and National trainer –hair for a quick tête-à-tête on what one can do to spruce up your everyday hair styles, products that work magic on the mane and hair cuts that are an absolute must-try this season.


1. Three big hair trends that are big this season?

-Big waves –big open waves are the new natural look to have and any one can sport it. They not only look stylish but are easy to maintain and look great with any outfit you choose to wear. It also creates a lot of glam-drama when you further open them up and create that big hair look. You can use big rollers and leave then on for an hour, open up the curls with a brush and you’ll be surprised how easily the waves fall into place.


-Ponytail – This clean sleek look is an evergreen style and contours the face well. For most Indian women it is a good option especially due to our weather, it keeps the nape of your neck clear. Variations of the ponytail make it a versatile look to sport. You can add a puff and glam it up or curl the ponytail to get that retro look.


Braid – this look has been transformed from the nerdy school braids to the fancy braid that people are opting for, for various occasions including weddings. As much as it blends beautifully with Indian outfits the new styles of braids like the French braid, feather, twist, lace, fishtail, waterfall and Dutch braid are all great for a day and night look with Indian and western wear. The messy braids look even better. Leaving strands that gently frame your face gives a very soft famine look.


2. What lasts longer blow drying or ironing?
Hair ironing defiantly stays longer as it goes through each strand and defines its structure. Blow drying is for every day styling but it can last longer when correct styling and finishing products are used. These two category of products not only make your hair look great but also protect them from the heat damage caused due to blow-drying and straightening. For most hair types the following products work well

Styling Products:

-Tigi Small talk
-Tigi Super star volume product (serum)
-Tigi Spoil me (de-frizzer)


Finishing Products:

-Tigi Work it (finishing spray)
– Schwarzkopf Diamond dream drops (shine oil)
-Tigi Dumb blond serum


3. How to get soft curls at home?

A quick and easy way of curling your hair is using a sock, yes that’s right a sock!
Wet your hair and use a styling hair mousse (foam based), partition your head into 4 – 5 sections and twist each section up, slip on a sock that it cut at the bottom edge (the toe section) and roll the twist in towards the scalp. Tie it up loosely. Leave these it on overnight and in the morning wake up to find beautiful, soft curls. Follow up with a good leave-in or styling product that add a little shine and bounce to your hair.


Styling Products:
-Tigi Extreme mousse
– Schwarzkopf Extra Care Styling Mousse


Finishing Product:
-Tigi Foxy curls spray


4. Three Hair cuts that you find are very popular this season?

-Long Layers – it is an all time favourite and most women who want to look different by not drastically change their hair style go for this cut. Layers can be played around with in terms of the length.

-Bob – this chic look is very much a raging trend. It has cut variations like asymmetric or classic. Either cut can be styled to look very edgy and fun. The bob gives one’s look a complete make-over as it takes off the length. People should definitely try it.

-Mid length – this cut is very popular with the corporate audience. People who aren’t too comfortable losing the length can go for this cut. It is a good clean look that helps you get rid of the split ends frequently while maintaining a constant length.


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