Stylist Talk: Beauty Tips


Lakme Absolute Salon Stylist – Santosh Gahatraj


1. The Day look:

Do’s for day look:

Keep it simple with neutral colors such as nudes and light browns as they work best for Indian skin for a natural and fresh look. For the lips only use gloss, again keep the colors minimal and stick to soft pinks if you don’t like browns. Eyes are best accentuated with mascara.

Don’ts for day look:

Dark lips are a complete no no! Too much eye make up doest work in the day and makes you look cakey and over-done. It is very important to keep in mind to never use bronzer or do smokey eyes in the day.


2. The Night look:

Do’s for night look:

We love drama and bold for the night look. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3,
Smokey eyes, dark lips, use bronzer. Remember to always contour your face. (Read more on how to contour your face below)

Don’ts for night look:

Avoid neutral colors. Keeping it plain and neutral in the night makes you look pale and dull. Colors work best for an evening/night look.


3. Colors that are in this season for lips & eyes?

Lips: all shades of red, pink and orange.

Eyes: Blacks, greys, browns. Most Smokey eyes are now done with brown & not black now. The liner and kohl can be black depending on your completion. We still suggest you try out the brown pallet as it complements the Indian completion well.


4. Sparkle or Matt, what is in this season?

MATT! No second guesses there. It allows all colors to work their magic in plumping the lips without the fuss of shine. The Absolute range of matt lip colors is the best example. It is comfortable to wear, keeps your lips moisturised and protected thanks to Vitamin E & Wheat Oil – Look and feel great.


5. How to contour your face with minimal Make-up?

The only product needed for contouring is a Bronzer. Indian beauties are rightly called so, we are naturally blessed with completion that requires minimal strokes to sharpen and highlight the face correctly. A bronzer hence is the best pick for the job.

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