Stylist Talk: Skincare


Lakme Expert – Sadhna Naik



1) Remedies for dry skin?

If you have dry skin avoid exfoliating as it only increases the dryness. Your basic beauty regime in the morning can begin with a good moisturizer, followed by a sunscreen (minimum 30 SPF) before stepping out. The best way of rejuvenating your skin is hydration, drink loads of water to flush out toxins that build up through the day. A strict no-no is using soap on the face; it makes the skin terribly dry.



2) Products that you recommend for oily / dry skin?

Oily skin:
 People with oily skin tend to have over exposed and enlarged pores a good way of keeping any damage under control is using sunscreens below SPF 30 as they are less oily. Do not use cream based moisturizers, concealers, toner etc. Instead you can opt for Dermalogica special cleansing gel, it is gentle on the skin and cleans up the pores thoroughly.


Dry skin: People with dry skin can use sunscreens with SPF 30 – 50. Always use a good moisturizer, cleanser and toner to clear off any dirt and dead skin layers. Do not make scrubbing a regular habit, once a week is enough for your skin type. Use skin polisher instead of scrubs as they are gentler on the skin.


3) Are BB and CC creams effective?

People who don’t have the time and resources to cleanse, tone, moisturize or use a concealer can opt for BB / CC creams. They are like tinted moisturizers. We do recommend them, but it is always better to follow and complete the routine step by step.


4) A good solution to skin tanning, face and body?

Protecting the skin apart from keeping it clean and moisturized is the most important step to healthy skin. Direct exposure to sun and pollution does long term damage to the skin. For Indian skin keeping the weather and pollution levels in mind we suggest sunscreens with SPF 50 for the body (re-apply every 4 hours) and SPF 30 for the face (re-apply every 4 hours)


It is very important to measure the degree of damage caused to the skin by the sun in the first place and treat it correctly. Usually people bleach to remove skin tan but that is not very advisable. Home remedies are the best for skin tanning. Use curd, cucumber juice, lemon juice to treat tanned skin (do not use concentrated lemon juice on the skin directly, always blend it with curd or water)

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