Stylist’s Pick from The StyleCracker Pod: Crazyheart

We at StyleCracker are always on the lookout for young talented designers with off-beat, unorthodox collections. And we found just that in Jaipur based designer Ruchi Jain and her label Crazyheart. Her clothing line is a well balanced, wonderful mix of craft, bohemian and edgy.

The collection, currently on display at The SC Pod at Olive Bar & Kitchen, features unique designs that fuse unconventional, eclectic designs with the traditional Tie & Dye craft.

We bring you four of our absolute favourites from the range and if your tastes run into bold, edgy and unapologetic style, you will LOVE them!



  1. Tricolour Layered Short Dress –  ₹ 5000/-
  2. Tricolour Long Tail Crop Top – ₹ 2000/-
  3. Sea Bandhini Pleated Midi Skirt – ₹ 3500/-
  4. Shades of Blue Pleated Cowl Midi – ₹ 5500/-

Go grab these fabulous pieces today, before they disappear off the rack, and trust us, they will! Ruchi Jain’s Crazyheart is at the SC Pod for only two weeks, so make sure you pay us and Ruchi a visit at Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mahalaxmi Race Course between 12 Noon to Midnight.