Summer In Style: SC’s picks for this Summer

It seems like only yesterday us Bombayites were excitedly shopping for superfluous winter wear wardrobe… because winter here really was as long as yesterday. But it’s that time of year again when the mere touch of anything remotely fabric to skin makes you break into a sweat; team SC went ahead and picked out a few chic summer trends that will give you more than a reason to put something on your back every sweltering hot morning. Take a look…

White – No, not only for scientific reasons, but because its a classic, and more so because there’s never not a good reason to wear white. It’s hot on the runway and by the looks of it it’s just going to be REALLY hot, and white is going to be our only saving grace.



Sheers – Because we’re desperately looking for a reason to wear as little as possible. No, come on, they are sexy, sensuous, every designer has a line of sheers this season, but most importantly, sheers don’t show sweat stains. Ha!



Culottes – Cropped culottes are the ‘shit’ this season. It’s that outfit that you do not want to waste on an insignificant day. For every (body) shape and size, they’re just plain simple adorable! And anything below the knee, we know we would’ve lost you. 



Bold Florals – Now we know if not worn right these are probable cause for a major fashion faux pas, but this season, take our word for it, you go bold or you just don’t at all. So don’t hesitate to experiment a little; but before you turn smug, just run it by our stylists, that’s all we’re saying.



Ruffles – Ruffles are not a ‘all and every girl’ sort of a thing, and they’re definitely not big with the “feminists”. But if you mix ‘em up with a pair of brogues and a fedora you can make those bitter broads happy too. Play it safe with pastels this season and make the right choices to own this trend. By that we obviously mean, the stylists are just a click away!



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