Sunburn’16 Fashion Guide

All things for the (musical) festival season!

That time of the year is on our calendars! And, you don’t want to leave a stone unturned when it comes to flaunting the best styles on ground. Solving all your Sunburn’16 doubts and festival fashion queries, StyleCracker’s here to the rescue with a carefully fabricated style guide! Keep scrolling to unravel all the Sunburn style secrets!


Muscle Tees


Music festivals can transform you from a fresh-cleaned skinny to a sweaty mess in a matter of seconds. So here’s the piece of clothing that’s light and breathable. For all the dance moves you’d love to flaunt, a neutral tinted muscle tee will move just in coordination!

Embroidered Bomber Jackets


The Christmas month is on board. Meaning? Dropping temperatures and layering in our closets! Take cue from the Bomber trend and throw on a black embroidered piece over your basic tee to take the stylish route on layering!

Ripped Denims

Your go-to festival bottoms! Simply pull up a pair of ripped denims to beat the chills yet stay on the same track of trendy ensembles!

Truffle Platforms


And, as for the footwear? Your apprehensions end here, with this pair of white flatforms! Simply slip onto your feet these comfortable and modish shoes!

Black Backpacks


You don’t want to be dancing with your hands busy looking after all your belongings! Stay hassle-free this Sunburn and keep all your essentials safe and sound in a black backpack! Slide them over your shoulders and have your hands up in the air without care!

Other Essentials


A water bottle to survive all the fest exhaustion, a lip balm to keep your lips moisturized and all your personal hygiene and makeup must haves! Oh, and don’t forget to throw in a sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses and a deodorant amongst the collection!


A graphic T-shirt


Laid back fashion and comfort all taken care of! Go for a black graphic T-shirt this festival and strike a minimalistic style impression.

Daily Denims

Pick your basic, casual, easy going separates! A pair of denim jeans would make for an apt option for the fest. And, if willing to go an extra mile with the trends, then opt for a pair of ripped denims instead and nothing could go the faux pas path!

A Basic Black Bomber


What is a December fest outfit without some standard, trendy layering? It’s bland and a look that screams boring! Avoid such appearances by carrying a black bomber jacket along! Beat the cold in style!

Sports Shoes


You can compromise on a clothing essential (Just saying) but you can’t do so with your shoe essentials. Since, you’ll be on your feet for most of the fest, it’s only imperative to have a comfortable yet a fantastic looking home to your feet! Sports Shoes? Fits right into the picture!

Other Essentials

Skip your sunglasses and you’d fail in festival fashion! Don’t forget to take them along with your personal hygiene necessities. And, who says men can’t accessorise too? Slip on a beaded bracelet and hood your head with a cool-age snapback!

Are you ready for Sunburn’16?



(Black ripped skinny jeans, Festival Sherpa, Nordstorm, Monroe Misfit Makeup)



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