Sunnies To Suit Your Face Shape!


We realise that you guys spend a lot of time (like, a lot!) on picking out the right sunglasses that don’t make your face look weird. We know because we did the exact same before we found out what kind of eyewear goes with what shape of face! Trust us, it’s not random, and it will make buying sunnies much easier for you. Read on!

If you have a square face, Aviators are the way to go. To soften a really strong, chiseled jawline, opt for butterfly frames. Stay away from heavy detailing on the brow, though.

For round-faced girls, Wayfarers are the best pick! Never go for round frames. Choose angular ones that define your face shape prominently. Pick wayfarers that are wider than your own face, preferably with embellished arms.

For ones with oblong faces, round or square sunglasses that are exactly as wide as the face are perfect. Keep away from anything too angular like cat-eye frames that jut out at the edge.

If you have a heart shaped face, choose butterfly frames or cat-eyed sunglasses as they perfectly balance out your cute little pointy chin. Softly rounded aviators will also do the trick!

If you’re oval-faced, well, lucky you! Most shapes and kinds of sunnies will complement your face. Go for oversized or embellished ones that draw attention to your well defined features.

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