Surendri By Yogesh Chaudhary At The Borough!

Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary will be at the SC Borough on 15th November, and we chatted with the talented designer – 10 questions for 10 days to the epic event! We’re counting down the days from now until then, and our excitement is hardly containable! Read on for some interesting inside scoop on the Surendri designer.

What was your inspiration behind this collection?

Yogesh: Hailing from Haryana, it was about time I did a collection that payed tribute to my home town. It was inspired by ‘Chandrawal’ the silhouettes being a contemporary version of what the traditional Haryanvi woman is and her mindspace.

What is the best advice you ever received in terms style and fashion, and by whom?

Yogesh: “God lies in the details”

How would you define style? If your brand was a person, what would her/his style be like?

Yogesh: Fearless, bold and super global. The Surendri woman is very familiar with the industry trends and norms but yet uses what works best from that for her a bold, neoclassical approach.

How has the age of e-commerce influenced your work?

Yogesh: E-Commerce is great especially for a contemporary brand like ours. It has helped reach a lot of consumers that we could not have begun. The age of digital is really what Surendri believes in. It is important to be as digital as it is offline. We are launching our own e-commerce marketplace very soon as well.

What is the colour palette of the season?

Yogesh: It’s super bright with the prints being quite literal this time. We have a lot of these onion pinks, sky blues and forest greens.

This season’s Buy, Store & Throw, according to you.

Yogesh: Throw- Crop Tops
Buy- Winter Florals
Store- Traditional Eveningwear that have typical Indian patterns eg. Angrakha cut anarkali.

3 things you are completely obsessed with.

Yogesh: My new iPhone, our office garden terrace and our e-commerce website!

Among the current talent, what labels would we find in your wardrobe?

Yogesh: 431-88

If the world is ending tomorrow, what would you wear to the doomsday party tonight?

Yogesh: My million dollar smile.

Who’s your current celebrity crush?

Yogesh: Deepika Padukone

The Surendri collection is a must-checkout for all the fashionistas – it’s fun, flirty and a balanced mix of contemporary and traditional. But that’s not all! Curvy girls can rejoice, because Yogesh is introducing the Surendri Plus collection at the Borough – quality fashion cannot be bound by size! Be sure to check out this amazing plus-size version of the colorful collection. We sure will!