5 Raincoats We Love!

Monsoons are here. And that means all we’ll see on the roads for a while will be dark, dull colours (so that the mud marks don’t show) and boring black umbrellas. Even the sky’s filled with dark, gloomy rain clouds. 
But all you fashionistas don’t need to worry at all, because SC brings you a list of stylish rain wear that you can don and still look your fashionable best!

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7 Cool See-Through Bags and What Not To Keep In Them

See-through Bags are the “in” thing this season. SC lists the 7 that will instantly raise your chic quotient for the monsoons.

Wallbies Bag on StalkBuyLove.com (₹ 1,349)
Asos Clear Clutch on Asos.com (₹ 2,146)
See My Stache on StalkBuyLove.com (₹ 1,049)
Klear Klutch I See Right Through You on Asos.com (₹ 5,211)
Crystal Clear PVC Clutch on DoneByNone.com (₹ 1,599)
ANQI The Iggy on Facebook.com/BagsbyANQI (₹ 1500)

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Shoe Essentials

The saying ‘You can never have enough shoes’ stands true for us women! Do we want all those shoes? Yes. But, do we need them? Stylecracker gives a list of shoes every girl must own circa now!

We all have days when we want to ‘just be’. Sneakers are perfect for such days, be it hi-tops or plimsolls!

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