10 Most Famous Jewels Of All Time!

SC has listed down 10 prominent jewels, of tiaras and bracelets to gorgeous rock sized diamond engagement rings that are known worldwide (due to their history, the rich and famous owners and the exorbitant price tags).
1. PRINCESS DIANAโ€™S ENGAGEMENT RING: The sapphire and diamond ring was designed by Diana herself and cost Prince Charles a cool $60,000 at that time,

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25 Most Iconic Outfits Of All Time

SC rounded up the most iconic outfits of all time, that are widely recognised and popularly awarded legendary status.
Marilyn Monroe’s billowing white dress is the first thing that comes to mind the moment we think “iconic dress”.

Another one of Monroe’s outfits that has been revisited several times in pop culture is her “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

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