Resort 2016: Trend Report

Though the Resort collections don’t receive as much attention as their Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter counterparts, they are definitely the ones that reside longer on the shelf.  The collection is simpler with muted tones – exuding a holiday vibe – but with the essence of luxury. The Cruise wear is also more wearable and we have our team of in-house stylists tell you how they would style the prevailing trends from the collection.

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‘It’ bags of the moment

We’re shifting focus on attention-grabbing bags that pack a powerful punch and all of your essentials. Let these stylish carryalls tell their story – their trend-setting capability truly speaks for itself!
Wings that fly

These bags have wings, well, at least they appear to! Blame Céline for introducing this covetable trapeze silhouettes – structured, yet spacious,

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Introducing the #SCBPune Designers: Accessories

With over a handful of designers to choose from; here’s our lowdown on the accessory brands at The StyleCracker Borough Pune. Each one will add a definite punch to your accessory closet.
Rakshanda Shoes: An exclusive women’s footwear label, created and run by Rakshanda Hussain epitomizes sheer exuberant style for your feet that’s customized to your liking.

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