Here are some cool new ways to contour your face

Contouring and highlighting are like peanut butter and jelly, and like every healthy relationship they’re a tad bit competitive. Highlighters have upped their game and added magic to our make up bags with the unique unicorn luminizers, so we obviously did expect the contouring game to go from a 0 to 100 real quick. We’ve already established that makeup is art and eye shadows at times look like they’re out of Picasso’s Museum.

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5 wardrobe essentials that will complete your closet. Get them at #SCBMumbai

Before you start investing in this season’s new trends, let’s focus on the all-year-round essential pieces that will never let you have the ‘I have nothing to wear’ moment again. These classic smart-buys outlast our seasonal trends, and it is something definitely worth stocking up on.
Here’s a list of closet constants that every woman needs –



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Beauty must-haves for the season

Let’s kick the summer heat in its face with a handful of these season friendly beauty essentials.
Scroll down to unravel the must-haves of this season. And fret not, you can find these expanse of products at the StyleCracker Borough, next weekend!

Since there are so many options available, make sure you choose the one that is suitable for your skin type.

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Update your April calendar! StyleCracker Borough is back in Mumbai!

A weekend full of fashion, food, music and more, awaits you this coming April. The StyleCracker Borough comes swinging at the turf, yet again! This time, with new themes, new surprises, food, music and an array of exclusive shopping brands!
Here’s exactly what you’ll be engaging in at the biggest fashion destination!
First things first – A complete shopping experience.

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Beauty trends from the past that are perfect for 2017

Bringing them back!
Beauty trends come and go and with every passing year, we get a bunch of additions to our everyday beauty routine! Today on the blog, StyleCracker brings to you 7 beauty trends of the past that’ll ensure a gorgeous 2017 for you!

Dark and dramatic, Grunge eyes are back. Step into this bold beauty trend while wading away all your hesitancy!

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World’s weirdest beauty trends to know

Beauty takes a bizarre turn!
Beauty trends come in a raging flood every now and then. And, while some stick around, others are short-lived. But, amongst the ones that stay, not all come with awe-strucking, magical tendencies. Some might even trigger the weirdest reactions out of you. Some of the most uncanny beauty trends from around the world that might leave you aghast!

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Top moments of the week we left behind!

The week that was..
The past week was nothing short of surprises and some exciting celebrity fashion moments! From Priyanka Chopra’s second win at People’s Choice to Deepika’s debut on Ellen, here’s a flashback of the top five fashion moments of the week, we simply loved!
Priyanka Chopra scores her second People’s Choice
PC walked up on stage to receive her second award at the People’s Choice Awards for the Best Dramatic Actress (TV) for ‘Quantico’.

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