OOTD Moments that are typically Delhi

In addition to successful actors and cricketers, the capital city has brought us a fashion phenomenon like no other. From high fashion winter wear to vibrant street fashion; Delhi’s fashion trends have reached heights only Delhiites can. And just like Delhiites themselves, they’re fearless. So we’ve found some cool OOTD moments that are typically Delhi in every way.

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10 selfies only a Delhi boy would take

You wouldn’t be a true Delhiite if you didn’t love bragging about it over and over again, would you? Whether it’s the honour of having the ‘world’s second best metro’ or just the privilege of being born in the ‘capital’ city, you’re proud to be a Delhiite and you know it. So we thought you might love checking out some quirky selfies only ASLI Delhi boys take.

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10 places in New Delhi Bollywood movies were shot at

From modern architectural campuses to ancient Indian heritage locations, the capital city has been a hot spot for some of Bollywood’s most acclaimed films. So let’s explore the city’s many wonders through Bollywood’s artistic lens.
1.India Habitat Centre

The beautiful portrayal of the complex and intriguing life of Delhi University students tugged at our heartstrings in Bollywood must-watch,

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Things-To-Do at #SCBDelhi

Wondering what makes you a legit #SCB-ite? Get the inside scoop from the team on the top 5 must-do’s at the StyleCracker Borough.
What: StyleCracker Borough
Where: The Lalit, New Delhi
When: Saturday, 8th October 2016
No Borough is complete without a burst of selfies sprawled across social media platforms. Stop by the photo booth to capture your  #SCBMoment.

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The Perfect Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Instead of the clichéd standard gifts for your friends and family, you can now take the act of gifting to another level by gifting them ultimate experiences packed with a requisite dose of adrenaline and fun. We bring you a round-up of our favourites in the capital, from Giftxoxo.
Adrenaline Rush At Surjivan

Traditional India has been characterized by its villages.

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How Not To Get A Delhi Belly

The capital is synonymous with sinful food. From the evergreen butter chicken to the crunchy gol gappas and the spicy chaats, there is not much you can do than surrender yourself to the medley of flavours. However, before your guilty conscience settles in, StyleCracker gives you some fun ways to stay fit and keep that belly at bay.

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