This actress sports the BEST accessories in town!

Hailing from Sri Lanka, one of Bollywood’s finest actresses – Jacqueline Fernandez has proved her versatility with roles played in each movie. Not just a great actress, she’s also a great dancer, super chirpy and fit. Did you know that she also possesses some great styling and designing skills? Well, she’s an all-rounder and that’s great,

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You must know: Micah Gianneli

Each month, SC plans on introducing a young and budding fashionista that you must know of! Meet Micah Gianneli , she gives ‘fashion blogger’ a whole new definition, we are taking notes from her utterly chic life, and so should you!

In a blogosphere surrounded by the #OOTD cult, Micah stands out with her androgynous features and versatile fashion statement.

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One of the youngest and most hardworking of the team, Nikita tones down her edgy yet chic style to create the perfect formal, office ready look, without compromising on her identity. Here she wears a peter pan collared geometric print top from Forever 21, leggings from Zara and black leather gladiators from Forever 21. Make up is best kept au naturel,

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