OOTD Moments that are typically Delhi

In addition to successful actors and cricketers, the capital city has brought us a fashion phenomenon like no other. From high fashion winter wear to vibrant street fashion; Delhi’s fashion trends have reached heights only Delhiites can. And just like Delhiites themselves, they’re fearless. So we’ve found some cool OOTD moments that are typically Delhi in every way.

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You must know: Micah Gianneli

Each month, SC plans on introducing a young and budding fashionista that you must know of! Meet Micah Gianneli , she gives ‘fashion blogger’ a whole new definition, we are taking notes from her utterly chic life, and so should you!

In a blogosphere surrounded by the #OOTD cult, Micah stands out with her androgynous features and versatile fashion statement.

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