BIG NEWS for Game of Thrones fans!

Since we just got to know, we just had to share.
Lets talk of Television Royalty and ‘Cercie’s walk of shame’-fame series, Game of Thrones won’t ever opt out of the noble throne. While you indulge in de-stressing pills to overcome GOT anxiety, here’s some respite to set your adrenaline racing!

Rumours are rife that HBO would be soon rolling out a Game of Thrones spin-off series,

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Khaleesi: Style Study

From exiled princess to nomadic tribal bride to the Mother of Dragons and Queen in Meereen, Daenerys Targaryen has had an incredible journey across five seasons — one that’s required an equally dramatic and diverse wardrobe. With the season closing in last night, we feel the fans need something to hold on to till Season 6 comes out next April.

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