Instagram #trends we just don’t get

Ah, Instagram! The holy grail of social media – #selfie, #foodporn, just some of the many trends that make us want to get clicking. And then, there are those trends that we simply fail to understand. Read on, and let us know if you’ve been a victim to these weird, social forms of expression.
1. #Starbucks

We would love gain some closure on why this trend ever started – if there is one brand out there that doesn’t need a team of experts to market their brand,

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Fashion Hashtags Demystified

While using hashtags was once considered cool, it has been so hugely overdone on all social media networks that now #writing #like #this #is #super #irritating. Most hashtags used by Instagrammers are uninterpretable acronyms. No more will you have to wonder “What on earth is #YOLO??”, because SC has identified and demystified most commonly used fashion hashtags.

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