Just Breathe

Here’s what you need to amp up your daily yoga session circa 2015
Stretch out

Invest in a good mat. It always goes a long way. The thicker the foam, the more impact the mat will endure. This mat from Reebok is not only sweat-resistant but also maintains a firm grip on the floor so you won’t slip. 

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Men’s grooming kit essentials

So, you have donned on your best attire to look dapper and are on your best behaviour to impress a girl. But, you go with razor burns, sans grooming your stray nostril hairs and with unkempt fingernails? Believe us guys; your attempt at looking spry has gone down the drain. We are not saying that we expect you whisk out a lip balm to reapply every two minutes,

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Experts Speak: Samreedhi Goel

Nutritionist, personal trainer and fitness columnist, there’s no one better than Samreedhi Goel to advice you on healthy eating habits this summer. Here is her guide to eating right and keeping those pounds off!
Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water or liquids like coconut water, nimbu paani or even chaas – salted buttermilk to maintain your fluid balance.

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