She Free | She Fly: Everything You Need To Know About StyleCracker’s Newest Initiative

Women embody the free spirit now in the 21st century, more than they ever have in the history of man (woman?)kind, and they continue to do so in a bigger and better way every second of every day. After the huge success of NinjaNaari, we at StyleCracker decided to take it up a notch this August and bring to you She Free | She Fly.  

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10 Homegrown Brands To Shop From For Independence Day

The second you need an outfit for an occasion, you run to your nearest high-street store to take your pick from their current collections. This includes you and a pretty big chunk of our population, shopping for and wearing the same brand. And sometimes, it’s even the same outfit. But where’s the originality in that?
As we celebrate our 72nd year of Independence,

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Independence Day Sales

Freedom is about being able to get the best deals without breaking the bank. Here are some e-shopping sites that you can hit for ultra-cool Independence Day sales.

Website address:
Discount: Up to 70% off and an additional discount of 10% for those who enter the code ‘freedom10’
Dates: on 15th August
Highlight: Up-to-date fashion products

Website address:
Discount: Flat 50% off across all categories
Dates: till 15th August
Highlight: Corporate wear brands such as Van Heusen,

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