Let 5 Pear-Shaped Celebrities Show You What To Wear This Season

When you say ‘pear-shaped’ the first woman that immediately comes to my mind is Jennifer Lopez. IMO, she’s got the perfect body and I find myself wanting everything she wears. Being pear-shaped, for those who don’t know, is when your lower body is wider than your upper. Basically, wider hips and a smaller chest.
Of course you need to keep your body type in mind while dressing up.

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8 Celebrity Beauty Looks That Will Leave You Mesmerised

At this point I’m just a sucker for makeup. Looking at it, thinking about all the new products launching and just stepping into Sephora gets me giddy with excitement; and it might just be a problem. Obviously I feed this habit on social media and scrolling through endless images of celebrities, bloggers and influencers with the perfect face on makes me super happy.

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25 Most Iconic Outfits Of All Time

SC rounded up the most iconic outfits of all time, that are widely recognised and popularly awarded legendary status.
Marilyn Monroe’s billowing white dress is the first thing that comes to mind the moment we think “iconic dress”.

Another one of Monroe’s outfits that has been revisited several times in pop culture is her “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

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