World’s weirdest beauty trends to know

Beauty takes a bizarre turn!
Beauty trends come in a raging flood every now and then. And, while some stick around, others are short-lived. But, amongst the ones that stay, not all come with awe-strucking, magical tendencies. Some might even trigger the weirdest reactions out of you. Some of the most uncanny beauty trends from around the world that might leave you aghast!

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Five Must Have Beauty Tools

Using the right beauty tools even by amateurs, could help anyone get a polished look that makes the best of both their features as well as their favourite products. StyleCracker brings you the beauty tools that you absolutely need in your arsenal and how to use them.
What: Face Epilator

Why: Salon visits are not always required to get rid of irritating,

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The best beauty looks at the Met Gala ’15

East met west – from faux body tattoos to gorgeous hair accessories, fashion’s frontrunners had China on their mind when played dress up for the Met Gala, Monday night and left us swooning for hours.
Hair-raising tales

Beyoncé revived risqué at the red carpet with her diaphanous gown, flaunting her assets with much flair. Northward, her hair was telling a tale of its own,

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Talent Watch : Celina and Eric

We recently did a shoot with make-up and hair experts Celina Rajamanickam and Eric Vandeweyer, and needless to say their talent amazed us. The duo has worked on a lot of shoots but are still waiting for their biggest assignment that will challenge their skills and creativity. But in the meantime we managed to get the globetrotters to give us some stellar make-up and hair advice!

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SC News Flash

There is always something new and different happening in the world of fashion. StyleCracker makes sure that you are updated with everything that matters in the world of fashion. Here is a quick look at this week’s Friday News Flash:

1. The Third Vogue Festival 2014
The event will take place on the 29th and 30th of March.

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