A six-step guide to tame frizzy hair

Dreamy, cozy and oh-so-comforting; what’s not to love about monsoons after all?
Not denying how good the rains feel after the scorching heat but along with the feel-good factor, follows excess humidity, moisture, and major hair woes. Here’s a quick hair care routine for you to keep those haunting hair woes at bay!
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Five Day Treks From Pune

Monsoon is the time all trekking enthusiasts wait for. Perfect to discover new trekking routes and to embark on a new adventurous journey. We bring you five day treks from Pune to satiate your thirst for adventure.
Sinhagad Trek

Sinhagad fort is a famous picnic spot located roughly 30 kilometres from Pune and this hilltop fort is a testimonial to the bravery of Maratha warriors during the battle of Sinhagad.

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How To Wear Whites This Monsoon

With great repetition, it has been engraved in our minds that wearing whites in monsoon is  big No! No! But, what if we told you that there were ways you could rock this serene colour in the torrid rains. We are here to give you tips to wear white this season
Skate It

Try thick cotton skater dresses and and even if you choose to wear dresses with lace accents or sheer white tops don’t forget to layer them.

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Best Shoes For Monsoon

As we bid adieu to the scorching summers, we welcome the monsoon with open arms. The rains bring along with them some wonderful things – petrichor (the earthy scent we all love produced when rain falls on dry soil), multiple cups of steaming tea and the gratifying smile on your rain-soaked face.
We love to get drenched in the rains,

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