OOTD Moments that are typically Delhi

In addition to successful actors and cricketers, the capital city has brought us a fashion phenomenon like no other. From high fashion winter wear to vibrant street fashion; Delhi’s fashion trends have reached heights only Delhiites can. And just like Delhiites themselves, they’re fearless. So we’ve found some cool OOTD moments that are typically Delhi in every way.

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SC’s Look Of The Day

Our super-cool stylists aside, Team SC also has super-efficient and stylish interns! This week’s look is a “classic meets edgy” perfectly carried off by our fashion intern, Nikita. Nikita is wearing both, striped crop top and skinny pants from Forever 21. 

While she chose to keep it simple and forgo the accessories, you can chic up this monochromatic look with colored accents.

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Fashion Hashtags Demystified

While using hashtags was once considered cool, it has been so hugely overdone on all social media networks that now #writing #like #this #is #super #irritating. Most hashtags used by Instagrammers are uninterpretable acronyms. No more will you have to wonder “What on earth is #YOLO??”, because SC has identified and demystified most commonly used fashion hashtags.

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