As the style setter turns 75 and also retires as CEO from a 50-year-old empire, we take this opportunity to take a walk down memory lane with Ralph Lauren’s most memorable contributions from 2015 to modern-day fashion.
#Wearable technology at its best
PoloTech Smart shirt  has woven silver fibers that track the heart rate, breathing, energy output and other vital data of the wearer and link it to their smart phone.

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SC Loves: The Best Fragrances!

Here’s a list of perfumes and fragrances that Team SC swears by!
Gucci Guilty – Namrata Deepak (Fashion Coordinator)

Guerlain Insolence – Minal Sampat (Stylist)

Ralph Lauren Romance – Rituja Bakshi (Stylist)

Valentina by Valentino – Sasha Miranda (Fashion Intern) & Kavisa Rebello (Stylist)

Chanel No. 5 – Tanmayi Mane (Stylist)

The Beat by Burberry –

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